Paul James Hairdressing is a hair salon, operating in 13 locations in the Johannesburg area. Under the proven Paul James brand, stylists undergo extensive training to deliver consistent, high quality service and adhere to a systematic customer service policy.

This client attentions approach, which starts at the beginning of our clients experience when they walk through our door, doesn't end until we say good-bye at our Paul James salons. This continuity of service is one of the reasons our customer retention is high and we are able to expand into new locations. Our clients know they will be treated with the highest standards, no matter which salon they walk into.

Paul James Hairdressing is proud to offer retail products at our salons. These established brands are easily recognizable and valued by the customer and are available for purchase by our clients as well as walk-in traffic. We are also known for our high retail to service ratio - our salons sell between 25-30% retail.